We Are All Made of Wood

Todd St. John, better known as HunterGatherer, has begun a series called Subway Syntax exploring the everyday vagaries of underground rapid transit. While the New York influence is clear (e.g. the subway stop design), these animations reflect a universal experience. For example, “Screecher”:

“Screecher” — Individual who screeches to a halt without warning. They are unpredictable and oblivious, often staring down at their phone.

Come on, we’ve all known that guy (and/or walked into him). Other daily experiences include “Free Radical,” when there’s nothing left to hold on to; and “Subway Salmon,” a remarkably lifelike portrayal of navigating what appears to be the Red Line platform at Gallery Place.

Anyways, they’re cute and accurate, and if you’re not a dinosaur like me still into RSS feeds, you can also follow the Instagram here.

(Via The Fox is Black)